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Preparing for Your Fertility Consultation

Preparing for Your Fertility Consultation

Author: Dr. Anil Pinto

Dr. Anil Pinto
Dr. Anil Pinto

Have you been trying to conceive for over a year now and have sadly been unsuccessful? As you reluctantly pick up your phone to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist, there are a few factors that you can prepare yourself with for your first consultation.

Fertility treatment, like all other therapies, requires a detailed evaluation of the problem to determine the exact cause, which will help design a suitable and effective treatment plan. Understanding the cause for your inability to conceive can be very daunting for you as well as for your doctor, as there can be many reasons. Before going for your first visit, you could help streamline the investigation by

  • Jotting down all the medications that you have been taking in the recent past as well as herbs, vitamins or other supplements.
  • Bringing all your reports, tests performed, evaluations and previous treatments with regard to your reproductive health.
  • Since infertility is not a condition specific to only women, it is best that your partner accompanies you with all his recent reports on reproductive health.
  • Keeping a track of your menstrual cycle – the regularity and for how many days its lasts.
  • Listing out any questions that you may want to ask your doctor.
  • Being very open about your problem and understanding that every detail will help your doctor understand the cause for infertility and determine the appropriate treatment plan.

At your first visit, your doctor may be interested in gaining the following information, so be prepared for it:

  • When did you start actively trying to conceive.
  • For how long you have been having unprotected intercourse.
  • How often you have intercourse.
  • If you use any lubricants during intercourse.
  • If either of you smoke, drink alcohol or use recreational drugs, and how often.
  • Use of any medications, anabolic steroids or dietary supplements.
  • History of medical conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Exposure to pesticides, radiations or chemicals at work.

Information your doctor would gather from you.

  • Age at which you started menstruating.
  • Information about your monthly cycles – if they are regular, heavy and long.
  • Any previous pregnancies.
  • If you have been monitoring your cycles for ovulation.
  • Details about your diet and exercise regime.

Information your doctor would gather from your male partner.

  • Age at which he started puberty.
  • Family history of infertility.
  • Any children with previous partners.
  • Any medical problems such as swelling in the scrotum, recurrent respiratory, testicular, prostate or epididymis infections.
  • Any sexual problems, such as reduced sexual desire, difficulty maintaining an erection, not being able to ejaculate or ejaculating too soon.
  • Currently using medication or supplements for muscle building.
  • If he has undergone any treatment for cancer, repair of inguinal hernia, vasectomy or surgery on prostate gland, pelvis or testicles.

Your reproductive health and sexual practices may be a sensitive topic to discuss with a stranger, but the first visit is crucial to the process of evaluation and treatment, and will serve as an important guide as your treatment progresses.

ReproMed Fertility Center is committed to providing comprehensive infertility and reproductive health care, including In-vitro fertilization (IVF). Our physicians formulate individualized treatment plans for each patient so they have the best chance of conceiving. ReproMed Fertility Center can offer new hope to those seeking to overcome infertility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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